Now’s The Time


NTU / Fat Free Media


Creative concept

Wacom Cintiq
After Effects

A series of stop-motion animations to be used in a University-wide campaign to encourage students to take part in the National Student Survey (NSS).

Each animation had to be unique and responsive to the students’ poses and movements, but they also had to create a cohesive look which could be used across digital and print assets for the campaign.

I started off by designing a few select keyframes which were used as styleframes for the client to approve, as well as a guide for the flow of the animation. Once the overall look was approved, I “filled in the gaps” by drawing each individual frame and finished by adding title animations and exporting to various social media requirements.

The result was five unique 10-second videos and still assets which were shared on the University’s social media and around campus.

Director: Neil Rostance, Producer: Kat Brown, Executive Producer: Ronnie McDonald, Editor and Colourist: Ciaran Grant

© 2019 Betty Barucco