Make Some Noise


Final-year project


Creative concept
Market research
Editorial design
Video editing

In this project I set out to explore the changing role of brands as institutions whose purpose goes beyond selling products or services, and how they can effectively engage audiences to regain consumer trust by making positive change to society.


In particular, I focused on issues around sustainability and the use of single-plastics, made especially timely due to the success of David Attenborough's Blue Planet TV series and the ban on plastic bags in UK supermarkets.

MAKE SOME NOISE is a branded, multimedia campaign aimed to redefine the conversation around sustainability for the digital consumer of the experience generation, by educating and inspiring music festivals audiences to adopt a zero-waste oriented lifestyle.

A short film was created to go alongside the campaign, view here.

Clients: Netflix UK, Boomtown Festival

A visual report detailing the development of the brand and its marketing campaign, including the context research stage, market and consumer analysis, creative concept, and execution. This report and accompanying collateral was handed in as main piece of coursework towards my final year project at university for Fashion Communication & Promotion.

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