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Nottingham Trent University


Art direction


During my 13-month as Graduate Junior Creative at NTU, I personally curated a section on the city of Nottingham in our 2020 Undergraduate Prospectus by writing a personal piece and art directing a photoshoot with the University's photographer, securing a double-page spread in a prominent publication delivered to thousands of students.

The piece was written to introduce prospective students to the city of Nottingham in a different way than they could just find from any tourist guide online, but rather from the unique perspective of a recent graduate who moved countries to come here and decided to stay after graduating. To do so, I went back to explore some of my most meaningful places around the city, in order to find out just what made them so special. With the help of photographer Debbie Whitmore I organised a photoshoot to all my chosen locations, resulting in a series of colourful, interesting and compelling images that would run alongside the copy.

Following the overarching square size motif, encapsulated throughout the prospectus both physically and digitally, the layout of the double-page spread was designed taking inspiration from photo sharing social platforms such as Instagram, as yet another point of contact with the target audience.

The full publication can be found at the following link:

NTU 2020 UG Prospectus

8.5 x 8.5 inches, 315 pages, perfect bound

Photographer: Debbie Whitmore, Editorial design: Will Lomas

© 2019 Betty Barucco