Graduate Development Programme

Branding, Web

Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

2018 - 19


Web design, wireframing


Early on during my 13-month employment at NTU, I was appointed as lead creative on the marketing campaign for the NTU Graduate Development Programme (GDP). Being only in its second year, the programme didn't have a recognisable visual identity nor any social activity attached to its name, and only a short, unhelpful page hidden somewhere on the NTU website.

I set out to create a visual identity for the programme to sit within the NTU brand, to be used across all its marketing material and social presence. Alongside it, we created a digital hub collecting all relevant information. I was in charge of wireframing, sourcing and creating the content, and organising it in a user-intuitive manner.

Following the launch of this campaign, the GDP saw an increase in applications by 67% from the previous year – an achievement which was recognised across the Marketing and Communications department and caught the attention of several stakeholders, including the University's COO and Head of Strategy.

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