Dressing for Happiness

Infographic posters
Personal project

Graphic design

Does what I wear have anything to do with how happy I am?

Research shows that there is a strong association between what we wear and our psychological processes: our clothes can have an impact not only on how we feel, but also on how we interact with the world and how we behave around others.

An example of this is a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, in which researchers had subjects wear a white coat which half believed to be a doctor’s lab coat, and the other half a paint smock. People in the “doctor’s coat” performed better in a series of complex task, and were found to be generally more focused and rigorous than the other half – almost as if they were trying to live up to the expectations of the outfit.

I decided to track my clothing for two weeks and measure my mood to see if there was any correlation between my most worn outfits and how I feel.

The results of this two-week experiment were then collated into a series of posters, in which each outfit was illustrated through a simplified, abstract design and playful copy accompanied each piece of clothing.

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